Driver card and digital tachograph reader

VDO Continental DLK PRO Download Key

Collect data from the driver card and from vehicle in one time

Respect the legal obligation of downloading and archiving

Easily carry your key with its pocket size

Concept and features of our DLK PRO Download Key

DLK PRO Download Key allows the simultaneous download of mass memory and driver card data from the digital tachograph. It also downloads driver card data via the integrated smart card reader. You can thus comply with the archiving deadlines imposed by the European Social Regulation (ESR). The VDO DLK Pro Key is the ideal transfer tool for Carriers, Authorized Centers and Authorities.



  • Easy-to-use: lightweight, compact and mobile tool, intuitive to use
  • Answers the obligations of downloading and archiving legal data
  • Download Vehicles and Drivers data from all digital tachographs (12V and 24V)
  • Direct download from the driver card
  • 2.2″ color touchscreen showing the latest downloads, status, battery charge level and remaining memory capacity
  • Status LED of the current download with beep at the end of the download
  • Reminder of downloads to perform
  • No external power needed during download phases on the digital tachograph and computer evaluation
  • Memory capacity of approximately 6000 quarterly downloads
  • Fast download with latest generation interfaces
  • Usable as a standard 2 GB USB key
  • Compatible with all archiving software on the market

Package contents

  • DLK PRO Download Key
  • Key configuration software
  • USB extension cable
  • Quick start booklet and user manual file
  • Strap

Required operating system

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • USB port available on the computer

The DLK PRO Download Key in video

Complete your hardware with a legal archiving software.